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    Default Naked college parties

    Naked College Parties

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    (CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA An underground trend is attracting a number of college students - naked parties and the name says it all.

    These nude parties are held all over the country and CBS's The Insider was able to obtain undercover photos.

    College parties are notorious for pushing the envelope. Animal House is one thing but this however is another.

    "The way it was billed was don't be a prude, come to the nude party," said a Penn student who did not want to be identified.

    The junior at Penn agreed to talk to CBS 3 if we disguised his face and voice since only his dad knows about the parties he has come to love.

    "It's a very clever set up. It's a house with four stories," said the student.

    He says the first floor is for people with clothes, the 2nd floor is underwear and the third and fourth floor are reserved for those who choose to bare all.

    "I just went wearing a hat, a bow tie and an overcoat, so I went straight to the 3rd floor," explained the student.

    No more than a hundred or so people attend these parties at one time. So it's no wonder there are many students at Penn who've never heard of them.

    "Not that I heard of, if there are I'd like to go," said one Penn student.

    The Insider recently reported on these parties after a New York Magazine writer went to one undercover at Yale.

    That's where, years ago, President Bush's daughter Barbara is reported to have gone to a naked party.

    "I think most parents who send their kids to an Ivy League school would be pretty disturbed by what I saw," said the writer.

    One woman attended a nude party and says some students did hear some pretty wild stories.

    "One room will turn into basically the sex room," said the woman.

    But according to reports, most naked parties are sex free. Our Penn student says he never saw people cross the line.

    When asked if it was sexually charged though, the Penn student replied by saying, "There is somewhat of sexual nature, optional," said the student, adding, "A lot of people do go home together after the party. It's an atmosphere that encourages people getting together."

    So why are these kids so comfortable being naked? Are the sexually charged messages from Hollywood having an impact?

    Sex therapist Chris Fariello doesn't think so.

    He says the parties are just a vehicle for them to rebel against society's views of nudity and sexuality.

    "I think people aren't going to these parties because they want to experience others. I think they're going to express themselves and this is a great way for them to come out of their shell or express side of them they don't normally get to express may never get another chance like that," said Fariello.

    "I just don't think there's anything to be ashamed about with human body, wanted to be in a situation where people were comfortable with themselves and wanted to be natural," said the Penn student.

    When asked about the President's daughter Barbara attending one of these parties at Yale, the White House said it does not comment on their personal lives.

    Penn officials would not comment on the parties either.

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    Default Re: Naked college parties

    So why are these kids so comfortable being naked? Are the sexually charged messages from Hollywood having an impact?
    that should read
    why are these kids not huge prudes like the rest of america

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