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    was just walking back from my local gym, and walking through the walkway which leads round to my house, on the opposite side is a bank leading to playing fields. three little knobs lobbing stones as big as half a house brick at me across the walk way as i walked past!!!

    thank god none of them hit me else i would have been a goner and i wernt going to run off but thats just me. i got a good mind to go back the other side in my car and ask them why couldnt they do it to my face rather than when i had walked by the cowards,. and give them a brick off the head so they can see how it feels if one had hit me!!! cnuts!!

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    I remember when we were schoolkids, we were just spending our lunchtime smoking various things in the park. There used to be another small acting school (about 30 kids in whole school) who used to come with their teachers to do some stuff in the park as well.

    One day, this git who was always mouthy with us threw half a brick at me, missed by about 3-4 inches. I then battered the cnut, loads of them lot jumped in and a few of my mates joined in, about 5-6 of us dealt with their whole school.

    As their teacher was present, he called my schools head who called me in for a little word. I explained to him that as much as the school had a reputation for behaving well, good exams, etc, the school was a soft target for all the local kids, our boys would often get mugged at the train station and no-one would intervene. This would make the probelm worse.

    I explained that I stuck up for myself, and for the reputation of our school, so hopefully less younger kids would get picked on. I was surprised he accepted this and didn't punish me in any way whatsoever.
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    That headteacher seems like a plonker?

    Fighting in numbers whichever way you look at it can involve innocents, i think his approach to dealing with it is wrong.

    Although i loved fighting in numbers when i was a kid. Think i would have stamped all over someone if they threw a brick at me though.