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    Help Sun MGA 1200 Gas Analyser

    My mate has just purchased the above on ebay but unfortunately has no instructions to use it. Am I correct in thinking that these units require regular recallibration and are not usable unless they are recalibrated?

    He says when it swiches on it powers up but asks for a code. My question is two fold: Does anyone have any instructions they could forward to me and is there any way around the calibration issue as he does not need to use it for serious work, just a guide?

    If there is no way around the calibration where would he go to get it sorted. He does not own a garage so does not have any service contracts with Sun or Snap On etc.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    look in the workshop trader section of this site

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    sure there is a repair guy that will help you.